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Contract Manufacturing
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Company Overview

Contract Manufacturing and Off Loading Product Lines -- Creating Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Terminal Insertion Equipment

AG Manufacturing - Illinois specializes in manufacturing product lines that were developed elsewhere. We are a leading contract manufacturer that has taken over the manufacturing of 30 different product lines that were transferred, outsourced or sold to us by leading Fortune 500 corporations. Corporations whose lines are transitioned to AG Manufacturing - Illinois eliminate all processes involved with manufacturing and supporting the end customer. Some of these processes include:

  • Manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Quality support and management functions
  • Supply chain management functions
  • Logistics and customer post-sales and aftermarket support functions

Facility Manufacturing History
The AG Manufacturing - Illinois manufacturing facility, located in Rochelle, Illinois, was originally part of the sensor and actuator automotive division of Eaton Corporation. Over many years this facility played a significant role in the transition and off-loading of product lines within the Eaton Corporation network of manufacturing plants. The plant has significant experience in transition and absorbing product lines developed elsewhere and transitioned to Rochelle for production. The plant successfully manages the production from high-rate manufacturing through to end-of-life into service and aftermarket use. AG Manufacturing has also successfully taken on the manufacturing of product lines from Borg Warner, Saturn electronics, Theem and other customers.

Low and High Volume Complex Assemblies
Our 100,000 square feet facility contains manufacturing processes that support both low volume manual and high volume automated assemblies, along with a broad range of coil windings and bobbin capabilities. In house testing and validation, for both product and design, is provided for the majority of product lines. Some of our manufacturing equipment includes:

  • 9 - 55 ton to 400 ton injection molding machines
  • 10 - 30 to 150 ton over molding machines
  • 11 - coil winders
  • Various automated assembly operations
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