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More Than Manufacturing. A Strategic Advantage.
Whether you require contract manufacturing services or have a need to outsource or off-load a product line, AG Manufacturing - Illinois can meet and exceed your requirements.  Agile and responsive the company  delivers the quality components that help you compete and thrive in your sector. Our products, value added services and industry strength creates a strategic advantage for our customers.

AG Manufacturing Shares Your Challenges
Like you, we have implemented high-impact process improvements and streamlined operations to achieve cost efficiencies and reduce waste.  Like you, our customers demand the highest quality at the lowest prices.  Like you, we have a history of delivering what our customers demand.   Like you, we are world class.  Nothing else is acceptable.  Our customers are industry leaders and our expertise enables them to remain industry leaders.

Our Value Proposition

  • High quality products in a wide range of technologies at cost competitive price levels
  • Extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise in key product technologies
  • The ability to support all market and customer requirements through continuity in engineering, production and organizational quality
  • 100% minority content

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