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Growth Strategy

AG Manufacturing - Illinois's growth strategy is targeted at increasing our opportunities within our core customers and divesification into a broad range of manufacturing and industrial sectors. This strategy will be achieved by leveraging expertise in the areas of contract manufacturing and acquisition of product lines and seeking offloading and outsourcing opportunities of new products.

Contract Manufacturing
The leveraging of our extensive set of capabilities and processes for production of complex products enables us to provide customers with a wide range of assembly capabilities. In addition, we offer low to high volume assemblies in the following areas:

  • Bobbin molding, winding, termination and testing
  • Complete valve manufacturing and testing
  • Incorporating solenoid valve into system
Acquisition of Product Lines
The acquisition of product lines that are divestitures and are non-core to the Seller. We will also consider taking on product lines near the end of production life and with significant aftermarket use. These situations offer us a significant foundation for our growth.

New Products Opportunities
AG Manufacturing - Illinois operations - will aggressively pursue and consider new manufacturing opportunities in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial sectors. Industry and product diversification is a core element of our strategy.


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